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TIFF 2016 Review: Prank

Prank, this film by Vincent Biron played as a part of the Vanguard program at the film festival, but really feels like a little bit of everything. It’s different, we can give it that much, and parts of it feel like they exist on an entirely different plane of existence than pretty much anything out there at the film festival circuit. There are moments of Prank that seem almost otherworldly, like its the most dangerous film in the world but others feel like they’re sub-film school project. It’s tough, as the film is about a Jackass-like project, but often times the material is lowered to the point that it’s like sub-Jackass.

The film mainly centres around Stefie (Étienne Galloy) but is more about Lea (Constance Massicote) and Stefie’s obsession with her. At least…it may be about this issue. It’s quite difficult to figure out what is going on with Prank as the film may have been an elaborate trick on its audience in the spirit of the film. Regardless, Prank is definitely worth checking out.

[star v=35]