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TIFF 2013 Review: Gloria


Special Presentation

What may seem like just another film about family and relationship drama is in fact a remarkable depiction of the romantic and sexual lives of older people. Gloria (Paulina Garcia) is 58 years old and enters into a romantic relationship with Rodolfo (Sergio Hernadez), a man at least a decade her senior. She is lonely, having been divorced for a decade and with two fully grown children who lead their own lives, yet she does not let it consume her. Rodolfo also understands this loneliness but unlike Gloria he is unable to make any real change in his life, to start living for himself.

There are several sex scenes with frontal nudity of both Gloria and Rodolfo. It seems odd that this needs to be emphasised but the reality is that this is a thing so rarely seen in cinema if seen at all. Most movies would have us believe no one dates or has sex past the age of 40. When we do see older people in these situations it is almost always an older man with a younger woman thus reinforcing this idea that women have an expiry date on their foreheads. Gloria is an excellent character, she is brave, funny and a survivor of many heartbreaks. This is a film about living no matter what your age or what setbacks you encounter. Like Gloria, put your favourite song on and drive while you belt out the lyrics.

Monday September 9 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 – 7:45pm
Tuesday September 10 – Scotiabank 2 – 5:00pm

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