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TIFF 2016 Review: Boundaries

Chloe Robichaud’s Boundaries is a washed-out looking film that is stunningly clear in regards to issues of identity and the role of human fraility in politically charged debate, and is far more interesting than it looks from its categorization.

It is essentially the story of Félixe Nasser-Villeray (Nathalie Doummar), Danielle Richard (Macha Grenon), and Emily Price (Emily Van Camp), who, yes, speaks fluent French and well! It takes place in an island off of Newfoundland, but more than anything, spotlights the mundane, human, all too human elements that accompany being a political animal and being a woman.

There are some truly genuine moments of pathetic soul-crushing moments, (witness Emily’s Skype exchanges with her estranged husband and child), and perhaps more than anything, a scene of a song gone wrong by Félixe during an intimate moment. We lost track of how many times the sense of humdrum bureaucratic lifestyle was questioned, but above all, Boundaries is the story of three woman in different stages of life, but possessing strong issues of Boundaries, whether personal or otherwise.

[star v=4]