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Shorts for Shorties, the Soundtrack Sing-A-Long edition

Warm up your vocal cords folks, Shorts For Shorties: the Soundtrack Sing-A-Long Edition will have you belting out your favourite tunes for toons!

A movie is nothing without a great score and the NFB encourages you to come down and and join the jam session as the young and young come together to create musical soundtracks for a handful of animated shorts. Bring your noisemakers, instruments or just a set of pipes and adventure through magical forest, outer space and an island in the sky all well creating the sounds ans music to go along with action on screen.

Shorts for Shorties: the Soundtrack Sing-A-Long takes place Wednesday, March 21st at 6pm at the NFB Cinema, 150 John St. And it’s free for kids 12 & under.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday March 21st, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.
LOCATION: NFB Cinema, 150 John St (at Richmond West)
RUNNING TIME: 49 minutes
ADMISSION: Free for children 12 and under, $6 Adults, $4 for Students, Seniors, and NFB Members

For the full lineup of shorts, please visit:

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