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Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians

The Guardians of children around the world—Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fair—welcome another to their team as they take on the Boogey Man, intent on scaring the imagination and hope out of the youth.

Who’s In It:
A lengthy list of Hollywood notables voice the famous characters, but for reasons passing understanding, Alec Baldwin channels his Russian accent to voice Santa Claus, or North, as he is oddly called. At least when Hugh Jackman makes Bunny Australian, Hugh Jackman is Australian. Wait, what is with all the accents?

Visually remarkable, Dreamworks 3D animated holiday film is full of incredible sights and sounds, but some odd choices and a bunch of random rules governing the this world of fantasy and wonder muddle the story. Jack Frost, voiced by Chris Pine (without a distracting accent), is the young, rambunctious snow-lover called upon by the Moon (apparently the moon is powerful, and should be capitalized in the movie), to join the League of Extraordinary Childhood Fantasies (not their real title), to fend off the forces of darkness.

It’s a wonderful kid’s film with heart and simplicity, though doesn’t quite hold up for adults, unless you’re seeing it on IMAX, and really, really into awesome visuals that include swirling sand and mystic, black mares.

Ranking the Guardians:
Sandman: This guy is awesome, and not just because he doesn’t talk (but that certainly helps). He doesn’t care that he is short and often ignored, mainly because he can put anyone to sleep in an instant, and make your greatest dreams come true (which he doesn’t, I’m just assuming he could).

Jack Frost: So of course he’s a mischievous kid (even though he is 300-years-old), but he has the coolest weapon in his freeze staff. It basically turns to ice anything it touches. He can also use the wind to fly, which is awesome.

Tooth Fairy: She can fly (already established as awesome), and she has a legion of tiny fairies to do her bidding. Plus she steals your teeth, so don’t mess with her, or else she get into some scary Saw-type territory and do you some damage.

Pitch Black/Boogeyman: So, he’s an anti-Guardian of children, which I suppose makes him a guardian of evil. So, he’s still a guardian. Voiced by Jude Law, who is already a bit scary, Pitch has an army of angry horses and black clouds to command, though sorely underestimates his opponents. When you break the powerful staff of your foe, don’t throw it back to him so he can repair it.

North/Bunny: Russian and Australian respectively, this are two big, physically imposing guys who love attention. Santa wields a pair of swords (of course), and Bunny has a boomerang. He can also burrow around the world instantly, so that’s kinda cool, but Santa has a mean sleigh, so it’s a draw.

Should You See It?
Why not, it’s a fun, strange, and at times creepy animated film that is basically the kid’s version of The Expendables.

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