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Interview: Addison Timlin chats about Odd Thomas

It took a couple years and a lot of determination, but the fiercely independent adaptation of Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas is finally making its wide release, and after pouring her heart into it only to wonder if the film wouldn’t actually get seen, actress Addison Timlin is relieved and ecstatic.

“I was ultimately heartbroken about it initially when these things kept coming up, I just sort of decided to let it go and said that it doesn’t change the experience I had making the film,” said Timlin from her home in Los Angeles ahead of the film’s February 13 release, some two years after it was made. “I just thought then to let it go because I had a wonderful time, so if anything came up it would be such a happy surprise.”

Timlin admitted that one of the issues of the film, which was helmed by director Stephen Sommers who has raised about $27 million to make this production, was that it involved violence, guns, and young adults. However close those on-screen occurrences were to what was going on in the United States and in the news, Odd Thomas is more about a young couple wonderfully in love, the titular half of which just so happens is clairvoyant and can see and speak to the dead.

“I was really just dumbly excited.  I had never done a flashy movie, we were doing some really cool stuff, and it was my first time playing the lady love in anything,” continued Timlin, who portrays Stormy Llewellyn, a spunky, beautiful young woman who works at an ice cream and can keep up with all of her boyfriend Thomas’s quirks and energy. Timlin expressed that there was indeed a curious feeling on set, led by Sommers’ unparalleled passion, as well as the charm and friendliness of incomparable star Anton Yelchin.

“I knew [something special] was happening when I was there on set. The three of us, and really all of us, were having such a great experience working together.”

This offbeat thriller, with elements of romance, sci-fi, and comedy, was shown at the Toronto After Dark Film Fest back in October. Timlin though first saw it during a screening in Long Beach, California, with not only the cast and crew in attendance, but the author Koontz and his wife as well.

“That was the best possible way to have seen in it, in a big full movie theater with the people who made it,” added Timlin. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that afterward Koontz professed his love. “For him to have said that we had brought [the characters] to life in a way that was to his liking, that honored these characters, that was a big relief, that was also a big honor; a very shiny stamp of approval.”

Though it was some time ago, the role is still unforgettable and most beloved for the 22-year-old Timlin. “You can’t help but fall in love with their relationship, their quirky rapport, their blissful love, their respect and understanding that people are different,” she said. “I understand what it was like to really be in love with someone.  I was on the tails of my first real love, which was a life changing experience for me, and it softened my perspective and softened my heart to portray someone who is unconditionally and selflessly in love with someone.”

While she eventually snagged the jacket that Stormy wears in the movie, Timlin has another memento of sorts from a film that the actress seemed to effortlessly love talking and reminiscing about.

“I have a little tattoo on my wrist of a loop, because Stormy is always saying, ‘loop me in,’” she continued. “It’s a little commemoration. Stormy is a big one for me. I was turning the pages as fast as I could and I wanted so badly to be in this movie. When they do come alive within you, they stay with you forever.”

“If I had one wish, I think it would be to be Stormy Llewellyn.”


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