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Toronto Comic Con Wizard World

This weekend Toronto hosted Wizard World, a Comic-Con for those that can’t – or don’t want to – make the trip to the San Diego Comic-Con in July. From April 14-15 the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was home to anyone nerdy enough to dress up in full costume as their favourite sci-fi, movie, TV, or comic book character. Yes, it turns out Comic-Cons are exactly as geeky as they appear in the movies.

Although Wizard World doesn’t have as much as a movie focus as the San Diego Comic Con has had in recent years, there was still a cool booth set up by Alliance Films that had a replica of the cabin from Cabin In the Woods; and they were also giving out free posters, passes to movies, and T-shirts and other cool stuff.

The rest of the convention is just various booths, ranging from drawings of anything from pop culture as a zombie, to vintage comics, marvel dog tags, and booths that seemingly were only there so people could stand in line in front of them. If you choose to go to Wizard World, you can have the option to buy lots of hoodies (the geekiest item of clothing you can wear) with your favourite superheroes on them, or pay (obscene) amounts of money to get your picture taken with various celebrities.

For the $30 entrance fee, it’s worth going if you live for comics and want to stand around with other people just like you. For everyone else who’s a casual fan of comics or movies, there’s some cool stuff to buy and some fun booths to visit, but only if you’ve got a couple hundred dollars to spend.

It’s nice that Toronto is finally seen as a big enough place to get its own comic convention, but it’s still not as big of a deal as San Diego. However, aside from Fan Expo coming up in a few months, it’s the only place in the city where you can see Bane, Spiderman, Peter Venkman, and some obscure character from Zelda in the same place. Well…maybe you can see that at Dundas Square, but at least the people at Wizard World are more sane…if only slightly.

Jake Horowitz

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