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Interview: Alain Chanoine discusses SUICIDE SQUAD

The secret is out: Canadian actor Alain Chanoine had to hide the secret for a full year, but it can now be revealed that in the film Suicide Squad, which features villains as the leads, the biggest villain of them all is Businessman. The character known as such is actually Incubus, the brother of Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), and must stand against all of that A List talent. In a film shot in Toronto, there are actually very few Canadian actors, (other than Chanoine, we count Adam Beach and Shailyn Pierre-Dixon). Yet it is Chanoine who stands alone against the Suicide Squad. We were lucky enough to be the first Canadian outlet to be able to speak with Chanoine, who chatted with us on a breaking from filming.

He learned English from Will Smith: “One of the best things about the project was being able to work with such a fantastic team. And not only talented, but good people giving…I learned so much on that project. It’s amazing, When I was in high school, I was forced, literally, physically, by my Mom to watch an hour of English every day, because I was failing English. So I just ended up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air for an hour every day for a year…I still watch it now. What’s amazing is that I got to tell Will Smith. We were rehearsing this big fight scene, and I’m like ‘I couldn’t speak English, and I had to watch every day. It took me a month to figure out that you and Carlton weren’t brothers’. I could have worked on any movie in Canada, I’m a seasoned performer, I work all the time, but I’m here with you. And he’s like (doing a an impression of Will Smith), ‘Wow! Wow!’. He realized how much of an impact he had on my life, so I thought he got a little bit shy, so I said ‘I’m going to walk away now before you call security’. We didn’t do the Fresh Prince handshake, but he hugs everyone, and he handshakes everyone. Just watching his work ethic: he’s singing and dancing on set, before going back to his trailer. Great actor, great person. He inspired me my whole life and even more when I got to meet him”.

He did a chemistry read with Cara Delevingne: “I heard that they were looking for an A-Lister for the role. I mean, they auditioned everyone in the city, and I don’t know why they auditioned me. As soon as the casting director saw me, she said ‘are you able to meet Cara?’. I met Cara in the chemistry reading and there was only (director David Ayer), Cara and me. I didn’t even know for what I was auditioning, though I knew that it was something superhero-related because she didn’t have a heart. It was awesome, and next thing you knew, I had the part. Somewhere in there I knew I had it. And it’s really cool, because I never thought I had a British white sister. It was cool”.

There was a fun tent: “Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman built a Fun Tent. There was ping pong, pool, darts, basketball, chess, big screen TVs, you know, a fun tent? While I’m playing basketball, Will Smith is playing chess with Joel, and my girlfriend is shaking me at basketball, it was a beautiful thing”.

He’s the biggest villain of them all: “Yeah, I thought I was a nice guy, but Ayer was like ‘you’re very powerful and evil’. And I’m like ‘that’s what you see? Okay, Great! As long as I get the part. Last summer at this time, we were shooting it in Toronto at Pinewood Studio. We did it for the fans, I’m glad the fans love it. My family saw it. The ones that I knew would love it, love it. My mom, who doesn’t like violence (laughing) thought I was really good. It was exactly what I though it would be”.