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5 Questions with The Editor’s Adam Brooks

Astron-6 is a Winnipeg collective responsible for some of the most bizarre, twisted and fun horror parodies of the last while. The group consists of (surprise) six members, and we spoke with the longest running member of the group, Adam Brooks, by phone during TIFF last year. Their film The Editor, (who is played by Brooks, as well being the co-director of the film). The Editor was selected to play as a part of Midnight Madness during the festival, and for Brooks this was certainly appreciated. Seeing as how the character mostly exists as the string-puller, speaking with Brooks was a memorable experience.

Scene Creek: What has the reaction been like?

The reaction’s has been crazy good. It’s kind of been hard to believe. Because as I said, I just watched What We Do in the Shadows and it was a pretty humbling experience. After that, I can’t believe that anyone likes our movie. Jemaine (Clement) was backstage the whole movie sleeping on the couch. I’m a big fanboy for that one. I didn’t expect to be, either. I stayed up until 6 am with Conor (Sweeney) talking about how funny that was. Makes me want to up our game, I’ll tell you that.

Scene Creek: Did being from Winnipeg make you want to go into the horror genre?

I think it did. The stir crazy-ness. Winnipeg has some strange effect on people, on artists. John Paizs is a huge influence on us. Guy Maddin has been cool to us. I think we have more in common, filmically with John Paisz, but Guy Maddin’s been wicked. He’s married to his 1920’s surrealist film the same way that we are to every genre that is considered trash.

Scene Creek: You got Udo Kier for your movie…

Udo Kier was a delight to work with. He’s very generous and cool, easygoing, low maintenance.

Scene Creek: How is this project different than your previous endeavours?

I think that it’s more accessible than our previous two movies, and it all comes down to budget. Manborg, our previous movie, one thousand dollars. There’s a very specific viewer that likes Manborg, whom I think has to have an appreciation for CD-ROM video games. Father’s Day—ten thousand dollars. So many people that deserve money that spent thousands of hours on our film for free. We’re very much do it yourself, very much un-self-taught people.

Scene Creek: Would you say that you’re shocked?

Some of it is kind of shocking and some of it is just cool. Like The Editor says, “just be glad you and I go behind the scenes. We go unnoticed”.

The Editor plays Fantasia Fest Friday, July 31st at 11:55 p.m.