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5 Questions with Naomi Snieckus of Two 4 One

The best way to describe Maureen Bradley’s Two 4 One other than it’s unlike any film that we will see this year, or any year. Another apt description is that the film stars Naomi Snieckus, who is definitely familiar as a comedic presence, but in the film plays a very different role than the ones in which we may be accustomed to seeing her, which suits the actress just fine, thanks very much! Snieckus was a pleasure with whom to speak, and is a real standout in a movie that will surprise you.

Scene Creek: The movie was fun but not riotously funny.

Naomi Snieckus: No (laughs) Gavin and I are both alumni of The Second City. There’s funny bits in it and being a Canadian, you try to figure out where the funny is, and gosh! Every day something funny happens to all of us. But it wasn’t “guffaw guffaw”. It was heartfelt, a quirky little love story.

Scene Creek: Was it really funny on set?

Naomi Snieckus: There definitely are jokes, because Gavin Crawford is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Because it’s an independent movie there wasn’t a lot of time for riffing you know, go go go! I knew Gavin a little bit but not as much as the end of shooting. We were just watching Netflix and eating nachos offset in our condo.

Scene Creek: Did you enjoy doing drama?

Naomi Snieckus: It’s a nice guy to stretch past jokes. I’m in Mr. D and there’s definitely a need to find humour and drama in every scene that you do with that, but with this, you know the truth in comedy is important for me, but the truth in this is really important as well.

Scene Creek: There’s really not a movie like this, is there?

Naomi Snieckus:  know, don’t you love that? I hadn’t really thought about it as such a unique thing until we finished it, and then I was like “I guess so”, but we didn’t think of it as a “transgender movie”, it was more like this is a love story, and a relationship. This is the heart of the movie. It’s not like an after school special about transgender lifestyle. It’s just about two people, how they figure out being in love and not being in love.

Scene Creek: What is the best way for an audience to get something out of the film?

It’s a quirky love story, not the typical approach to love. There’s a lot more to it. It’s such a delightful little story and it’s unique.

Two 4 One is now playing at Magic Lantern Theatres – Carlton Cinema