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Review: Requiem for the American Dream

As the title suggests, Requiem for the American Dream is a tribute to the vast fall of traditional American values, and is explored through the inequalities of wealth and influence for one of the world’s greatest nations. Throughout this mentally stimulating documentary, Noam Chomsky delves into the complex world that separates the haves from the have-nots by outlining the perpetuating patterns and evolved regulations that have caused this great divide.

Noam Chomsky, better known as one of the top intellectual minds of our time, has dedicated a significant portion of his life studying different aspects of American society. He is well versed in the topics of varying political landscapes, economic inequality, and the history between the rich and the poor. In this documentary, the three directors (Kelly Nyks, Jared Scott, and Peter Hutchison) craft Chomsky’s vast knowledge into a succinct 10-point summary, all exploring the diverse range of how the USA has reached its current state. These chapters if you will, range from “Engineer Elections” to “Run the Regulators” and are all conveyed in simple concepts where you don’t have to be an economist to understand them.

What sets this documentary apart from other economic/society-focused films is that Chomsky manages to maintain an honest approach when discussing these heavy topics. He doesn’t use flashy statements or over-the-top examples to illustrate his points – just facts and acute analysis. Not only that, Chomsky sheds light on some serious issues and frames them in a way that is relatable to anyone who has ever worked a job, owned a home, or voted in an election.

Overall, this movie’s true value doesn’t lie within the captivating graphics, or the countless examples used, but in its ability to make important modern day issues clear and understandable. Directors Nyks, Scott, and Hutchison have tapped one of the greatest minds on the planet and brought us all a compelling recount of how the America Dream has failed humanity and made it worthy of its requiem deserving state.

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Annie Constantinescu

Annie Constantinescu is a Toronto-based business woman who enjoys a warm cup of coco as much as a thought-provoking documentary. As an aspirational activist, she constantly is looking for ways to improve the planet, and understand what the deal is with Pumpkin-Spice Lattes.