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Footloose American Apparel Fashion Show

On October 7th, American Apparel held a fashion show at the 499 Queen St. W location, in conjunction with Paramount to help promote Footloose, in theatres October 21st.

The event was a huge success and the store was packed! Throughout the evening, several onlookers stopped by and stood at the door to get a glimpse of the show. The event showcased a unique array of clothing donned by stunning models, although they were not the only eye-catching feature of the night. Thanks to a group of talented b-boys who displayed their incredible dance skills, the show was upbeat and energetic from beginning to end!

All in all, it was a great night. Not to mention, hundreds of people left with free swag bags filled with goodies, courtesy of American Apparel and Paramount Canada. Thanks guys!

Footloose is in theatres October 22nd. Make sure you check you and all your friends catch this one on the big screen!

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