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Attention Action Movie Junkies… Your New Favorite Fall TV Show Addictions

Movie-goers who get their action at the theater know that nothing beats a big screen when it comes to car chases, explosions, and traveling through space. When giant robots a hundred times your size come hurtling at you, especially in 3-D, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Not every movie can be a Michael Bay film but when the action films that come to your home town theater aren’t enough to give you your fix, you may have to downsize to the small screen.

That may not be a bad thing because if you spend every night at the movies, you may not realize just how many amped up action shows the networks have to offer. Even Michael Bay knows TV has become a great medium for action, striking a recent deal with Starz to bring his pirate series “Black Sails” to small screens everywhere in 2014.

While you’re waiting for Bay’s show to set sail, check out these five fall TV shows. These four newcomers and one returning show promise action across the board, and come with such different premises- every action craving will be satisfied.

1. Revolution
This year’s entry into the post-apocalyptic genre, “Revolution” comes from TV action savant J.J. Abrams. The show centers on a brother and sister and their efforts to reunite after a technological blackout leaves computers, phones and transportation useless. With a cast featuring Giancarlo Esposito, fresh from his role on last year’s hit show, “Once Upon a Time,” the NBC revolution is sure to keep the adrenaline high.

2. Last Resort
When a show launches aboard a submarine on the verge of taking fire, you know that you’re in for an action packed adventure. The ABC network, “Last Resort” promises to be that kind of show. The focus isn’t on the sub, but the people in it, who end up on an island, where they declare their own sovereign nation. Oh, and they also have nukes.

3. Vegas
A bit of a throwback, the upcoming American drama-western television series “Vegas” that’s expected to premiere on CBS promises to blend drama and action into one show. The series stars Dennis Quaid and the LAPD Detective Vic Mackey on the FX police drama The Shield, Michael Chiklis.“Vegas” focuses on Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Quaid) who goes head-to-head with a gangster (Chiklis) out of Chicago in an effort to keep peace in 1960s Sin City. When law and order clashes with the mob, you can bet there will be action.

4. Arrow
If you like your action to come from superheroes, CW has your fix this fall. “Arrow” is an upcoming action/adventure television series based on “Green Arrow,” a fictitious comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. It’s expected to appear on The CW network starting early October 2012.

5. Nikita
“Arrow” isn’t the only CW blood-pumping network television show. “Nikita” is a television series that has aired on the network since September 2010. Based on the 1990s French film Nikita, and a previous series La Femme Nikita (1997), the series focuses on Nikita (Maggie Q), a woman who escaped from a secret government organization and after a three-year hiding period, is back for revenge. “Nikita” brings the fight sequences and gunplay every Friday night.

The explosions may not be as big, the gunshots may not be as loud, but action doesn’t belong to the movies alone. These fall TV shows bring it with vigor. Michael Bay would be proud.

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