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To enter is simple! Visit Popcornflix.com and browse their selection of titles and leave a comment below and tell us title interests you the most!

Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified via e-mail. Contest deadline is March 11th at 12:00pm. This contest is open to Canadian residents only. Good luck!

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  • Patricia

    Would like Arthurs Quest

  • maria

    24th Day looks good!

  • sean pynaert

    cool ideas

  • Linda Fast

    Nomads interests me the most.

  • Evan

    24th Day and Judgment in Berlin look like good titles. Thank you.

  • Ali

    2 Brothers and a Bride looks interesting.


    24th Day


    Arthurs Quest

  • Linda A

    Judgement in Berlin

  • Bryan Murray

    24th Day interests me

  • kimberly drodge

    2 brothers & a bride looks good!

  • Penny R.

    Mojave Moon

  • Hal Jenner

    Arthur’s Quest

  • Ashley M

    Two Brothers and A Bride

  • Dana123

    Aussie & Ted’s Greatest Adventure

  • Vince

    Arthurs Quest

  • Dave Bensette

    My kids and I would LOVE Arthurs Quest! Great contest! If I win, I’ll eat a bug!

  • Cheryl

    24th day looks good

  • Grace F

    Because I really like the acting ability of Darryl Hannah….I’m going with Whore….what a title.

  • nikki robak

    24th day

  • Shayna Craig

    24th Day !

  • Beth Rosell

    2 Brothers and a bride looks good.

  • Tammy Dalley

    24th day looks great!

  • Rebecca

    2 Brothers and a Bride looks like my type of movie

  • shirley

    24th day looks good

  • Kitsa Tsivoulas

    Same here, 24th day looks great!

  • J. Rutledge

    It’s great that these movies are free. I really liked the Family section, I thought it had some great movies for my family.

  • Marlene V.

    I really would like to see ‘crazy little thing’

  • Lisa Gedak

    Hmmm looks pretty good, I like ‘The Howling V’ in the horror section:)

  • Diane Brunet

    I’d like to see Cosmopolis.

  • Rob

    2 Brothers and A Bride sounds like a fun comedy. (AKA A Foreign Affair on IMDB).

  • Calla Cooper

    The 24th day seems to have my vote too.

  • Deborah McMillen

    2brothers and a bride

  • Sidney Yuen

    The horror flick Dead Tone interests me the most. Thanks so much for the fantastic chance!!:)

  • Patricia B

    24th day

  • kim

    24th day

  • j killing

    “Easy” and “Whore” both look like fun family flicks.

  • bryan murray

    Good luck to all

  • Cynthia T

    24th day

  • Joanna Brazier

    Dead Tone looks fantastic!

  • K Seaboyer

    Bringing Rain

  • kathy boyd

    24th day looks entertaining.

  • lorri

    Judgement in Berlin!

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    “Whore” appears intriguing.

  • Ken Soehn

    Dark Matter

  • Harvey Finkelstein

    “whore”, just because I never thought that word would be used as a film title.

  • jeff cook

    The 24th day….sounds awesome!

  • Annette Chai

    2 Brothers & a Bride

  • Faith

    COOL iDEAS … sounds like an awesome movie!!

  • F. Grove

    Bickford Schmeckler

  • Kevin

    2 Brothers & a Bride, it looks hilarious.

  • Faith

    Bickford Schmeckler … sounds awesome and I can’t wait to see it!!

  • Penny Downing

    Alice,s Adventures in Wonderland. I didn’t know about this version.

  • Lisa English

    24th day


    THE MASTER looks like a good movie, has good actors in it

  • Rose Holloway

    24th day

  • Tracy Morin

    One Last Dance with Patrick Swayze

  • Stephanie Lustig

    Dead Tone!

  • Wendy Arnott

    “Whore” would be interesting.. I love insightful movies.

  • Barbara F

    “Nomads” sounds interesting:)

  • ariel chiu

    Alice,s Adventures in Wonderland

  • DebH

    2 Brothers & a Bride

  • Dave

    The Break Up Artist!

  • Denise Ulch

    Dead Tone!!!!