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Win a copy of 'Friends with Kids' on DVD!

Scene Creek and the good folks over at Touchwood PR and VVS Films would like to give you the opportunity to win a copy of Friends with Kids on DVD! Read on below for a synopsis and how to enter!

A daring and hilarious ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends whose lives change once they have kids. The last two singles in the group (Westfeldt and Scott) observe the effect that kids have had on their friends’ relationships and wonder if there’s a better way to make it work. When they decide to have a child together – and date other people, their unconventional ‘experiment’ leads everyone in the group to question the nature of friendship, family and, above all, true love. Friends With Kids delivers the laughs and the heart from beginning to end!

Leave your most creative and funny caption for the picture below! All entries will be eligible to win a copy of Friends with Kids on DVD! It’s that simple! We will review all comments and pick our top five (5) favorites by Tuesday, July 17th. This contest is open to Canadian residents only. Good luck!

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  • Holly H

    “This is a toast to say Goodbye. Goodbye to the fun loving, nightly wine drinking, hockey game watching, sleeping till 11am young adults that we are. And Hello to the sleep deprived zombie, what did his poop look like, is he getting enough breastmilk, I just stepped on ANOTHER hard plastic pointy toy in my bare feet young parents that we will soon become. Cheers!”

  • Elaine D

    You there fixing your hair? Savour that moment, cause when the kids come, you’re gonna be lucky it isn’t all yanked off.

  • Evan

    “Are you praying that I remove this overly-tight sweater? I know … it was stylish when I bought it 10 – 12 years ago.”

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  • Sara

    “Remember that time we took that temp gig at the mall to be Santa’s elves…that was something elese

  • Nicholas

    “Did someone say…..key party?”

  • Catharine M

    I know we said that we would be adults about this, but “Frankly my dears”…. ” I don’t know, but it’s been said, I love scaring kids in bed!” Who’s in???

  • Sandra p

    I brought you here this weekend to tell you about…..

  • “Check under your chairs, because…. One of you… have won a car! While the other six of you have won a free mustache ride IN said car!!!”

  • Collin Dsouza

    all the kids are at your house right?..wait..

  • Alison

    “Hon, I know you think this pasta is just heavenly. But, actually worshipping it in prayer is a bit strange…”

  • Jake

    “Weren’t you in Bridesmaids, John? …Wait, you were also in Bridesmaids, Maya, weren’t you? Holy crap, I was in Bridesmaids too.”

  • Agata

    Remember, that one time at band camp?

  • Deb Philippon

    Then it’s agreed. The monthly potluck and spouse swap will now be the monthly potluck and kid swap.

  • Nicole C

    Wait for it … the magic is about to happen!

  • nikki robak

    eeney meeney miny mo

  • Tans

    Wait, I thought you were supposed to sit at the kid table?

  • “Who’s game to play Naked Twister?”

  • Kamlesh Patel

    So whose turn is it to break the news to the kids that Santa is not real ?

  • Matt

    I thought you were bringing the dinner…

  • Garnet L

    Remember when we were Kids and we stole a bottle of whiskey from Emma’s dad?

  • Sharonne Katz

    Ha – you think that’s a good poop story. I have a better one and guess what he even threw up on me. Oh the joys of parenting.

  • olga

    Haha…there’s no use praying Martha, your husband’s cooking skills will never change…they can only get worse!

  • mary sawicki

    i see you’re praying again that the babysitter doesn’t have a wild party tonight and trash the house like the other one…

  • B. Harding

    Pick me Pick me….OK you can set up the strip poker game

  • Marie

    OK, we are in the wilderness here so join us in praying that there are no wild animals in the outhouse.

  • J. Rutledge

    Maya, now it’s your turn to wear the deer antlers.

  • sean pynaert

    “Honey, you think I’m toasting our 3 year engagement. Really, I’d like to toast my 5 year affair with your brother, and my boy lover Antoine, who’s sitting at the head of the table! C’mere sis!”

  • Francois Lavoie

    Just wait for me, I’ve gotta go check on that 18-year old university student babysitter.

  • Kira

    Oh dear lord, I guess this is it. Cheers. Cheers to the teenage years. Say hello to parenthood. Just remember, don’t call me to babysit because I’ll have my own children to take care of. Good luck to us, all.

  • Tyler

    So who is up for an orgy?

  • Charlie

    Okay, we are down to eight. This murder mystery dinner is sounding familiar.

  • Michelle Bradley

    Those of you on my right will deal with food and entertainment. Those on my left will be in charge of all the children’s needs and wants. I will be sitting in my rocking chair if you need me.


    “NOW its our time…Our time to act like a bunch of kids” 🙂

  • Janet Baron

    Ohh yes the Little Munckins!! Getting put on the Wrong Bus to day Camp!! Yep I heard about it all the way home!!
    Peace & enjoy being a Grama.
    Life is rewarding on My Terms!!!!!

  • Carey Boroditsky

    Sticks and stones will break my bones but kids will never hurt ya!!!

  • christine nunes

    girl praying- oh please do not let him tell about that one time… OH NO HERE IT GOES!
    guy standing up- so this is how it all began…
    everyone else- smiles and giggles starting!

  • Christina

    My caption is: “NO ONE knows what we’re going to eat? Do you know?”

  • Sophia

    And you, yes you, do I have a surprise for you back in the bedroom tonight!

  • Michelle Bradley

    The next pair of horns I put on my wall could be from Santa’s reindeer, so you better watch out.

  • Tracy Morin

    OK-it’s settled, praying to the gods is not necessary…you can be the first contestant on Twister tonight and… you can select your opponent!

  • Cathy K

    OKAY. Let’s talk about the next fun camping trip that we can all take together and can we bring our kids?

  • Char

    ….just one drink. Your kids will be fine. The baby is in the crib and can’t get out and the other two are fast asleep. We will go for one drink, maybe a dance or two and come right home. Lock the house door and put a cell phone beside the bed for emergency….they’ll never know we left.

  • kimberley barrett

    Well let’s face it, who on earth besides antique dealers and gay couples actually still give dinner parties?

  • Tierra G

    So you put the third set of antlers on my chair.

  • Sarah

    Let’s be real. Kristen Wiig had a good run on SNL and then we watched her slow dance on the finale. Now it’s time to say “Cheers!” and call it a night, so we can all get back to our family drama.

  • AgnesM

    And now it’s time for me to tell you about the other cute thing he said! I could go on all night, but who wants to go next?!

  • Michelle Bradley

    Did I ever tell you the time I slept with your wife? It was awesome!

  • Sandra Schultz

    Do you hear that? They are finally asleep. Now we can drink bottles and bottles of wine…. because that’s about all we can do – we can’t go out anywhere… stuck at home…. our late nights out downtown or on the town are done. And man, are they going to wake us up bright and early tomorrow….

  • Dana

    See! I told you it would be funny if you pulled my finger.

  • lorri

    Now, try to pull your hands apart, that crazy glue should have set by now!

  • Susan

    Get use to this kinda party this is our future!!! What kids are gonna do to our party lives!!!!

  • Marcie

    Oh Lord, please don’t let him bring up the marshmallow game,.. please, please, please.
    And remember the time we played the marshmallow game and we had to race across the campass with the marshmallow stuck between our bum cheeks, and whoever dropped theirs had to eat it……….Remember how traumatized she was after. Are you still in therapy? Oh well, who wants smores?!!!

  • Florence

    Isn’t it great we took the kids to moms house. Now we can party.

  • arash naghdi

    lets have dinner…. NOT

  • Archaan

    loved the movie

  • Donna

    A toast to us for an evening together again – without the kids