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Review: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Review

The zombie plague has hit and most of the world has crumbled. There are few survivors left, and those that can fight, do. As zombies get shot in the head left and right, a zombie with a tiny bit of brains left meets a human and begins to fall in love.

Who’s in It?
The incredible Nicholas Hoult, the amazing Teresa Palmer, the hilarious Rob Corddry, the talented Dave Franco, and the always-great John Malkovich.

If you’ve ever heard anyone say Warm Bodies is the next Twilight, you should slap them in the face as soon as possible. Yes, it’s a story about good looking young people falling in love, and yes, one of them is technically not human, and yes, it is, in a way, a forbidden love story, but that’s where the similarities end. Warm Bodies is not a movie for teenage girls who are looking for a handsome guy to fall in love with a pretty girl. Rather, it’s a surprisingly gory, surprisingly scary, and absolutely amazing mash of genres that pleases on every level.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, Warm Bodies manages to do everything that it ambitiously sets out to do and it does it all perfectly. Part comedy, part romance, entirely zombie movie, Warm Bodies takes a genre that has had its fair share of boring in the past few decades and spins it on its head. With a likable and talented cast led by Nicholas Hoult, this film manages to make eating brains funny and falling in love with zombies believable.

Though cramming so many genres and styles into one movie can often be a mistake, as was evident in last year’s Valentine’s Day film This Means War, the mixture of genres is handled so expertly in Warm Bodies that it plays as one of its biggest strengths. It’s rare for a film to be able to appeal to all demographics, but with Warm Bodies Jonathan Levine has done just that. It’s an impressive feat that is worthy of such an impressive movie.

Should You See It?
With some great performances by the cast, some solid writing, and incredible direction, Warm Bodies is without a doubt the first must-see movie of the year. Whether you bring a girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, stuffed animal, or watermelon with a face painted on it (what, no one else does that?), Warm Bodies is sure to leave everyone in the theatre with that warm body feeling of having just seen a great film.

Memorable Quote:
In a brilliant bit of ad-libbing by Rob Corddry, the line that made everyone in the theatre laugh was the simple and elegant sentence: “Bitches, man.”

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