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Trish Stratus at the 'Bounty Hunters' Screening

WWE fans certainly got a dish of revenge served 5 foot 4 and piping hot as Trish Stratus, seven time WWE Women’s Champion, turned up for the premiere of her new film Bounty Hunters last night. The AMC theatre was packed with fans excited to see the “Diva of the WWE” in her explosive feature film debut!

The 80 minute action packed feature follows a team of mercenaries, lead by Jules (Stratus), who are given what seem to be an easy job with a big payday: deliver a mob informant to the police and claim a $100,000 reward. But the mob has their own proposition, hand over the captive for a million dollars or face a team of the underworld’s finest. Unwilling to leave even a guilty man behind Jules and her team prepare for all out battle!

The fans rooted for their favourite bounty hunters and baddies and the real fight scenes were cause of moments of pure awesomeness!

The people in the seats were still buzzing long after the credits rolled and Stratus and director Patrick McBrearty stuck around to answer the audience’s burning questions. There was also a chance to get your memorabilia signed by the wrestling star who stayed to meet fans after the screening.

Anchor Bay Entertainment definitely packed a punch with their newest addition to their Home Entertainment catalog. Check out Bounty Hunters on DVD now! And in the words of the movie’s heroine prepare to get “Stratusfied”.

Visit www.anchorbayentertainment.com for more information!

Genevieve Walker

Toronto cinephile and lady about town.