The ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ teaser trailer is here!

After a ten-second teaser clip aired earlier this year, we now have a full 1:15 trailer for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2’. With Bella (Kristen Stewart) dying in childbirth, her now-husband Edward (Robert Pattinson) bites her to transform her into a vampire and save her life. Now fully recovered and awake as an immortal, Bella must adjust to her new life as a vampire and as a mother to the rapidly growing Renesmee, whose vampire blood makes her vastly different from other children her age.

But when the Volturi hear a false accusation that Renesmee was turned, not born immortal, they set out to destroy the Cullens. Edward and his family must now band together to protect Renesmee and themselves, or face certain death.

After the sluggish middle of the franchise and the incredibly sappy ‘Breaking Dawn—Part 1’, it looks like ‘Part 2’ will be pure action. It’s great to see the Volturi leader Aro (Michael Sheen) return to the fray in all of his pale, red-eyed glory—and it looks like the rest of the Volturi will be coming out in force as well. I liked Sheen better as a werewolf (‘Underworld’), but he’s great fun as a vampire, too, and I’m eager to see his role expanded.

Also on tap: it appears that one of the new characters has elemental abilities, with one quick shot showing off his ability to manipulate water. It’s a quick snippet, so it’s hard to say how this is going to figure into the plot, but it’s great to see the vampires breaking out meatier abilities.

Judging by a couple of the quick shots in the trailer, this movie is going to be packed with more of the action we saw in ‘Eclipse’, with Bella, Edward, and their vampire cohorts getting into some heavy hand-to-hand fighting with the Volturi.  The trailer also hints that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and his fellow wolf brothers may have a large role to play in this film,  joining forces with the vampires to protect Bella and Renesmee.

The trailer doesn’t offer any hints about the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee (remember, he “imprinted” on her at the end of ‘Part 1’). But this is only a one-minute teaser, not an official full-length trailer, so it’s hard to say whether the filmmakers are playing coy or if they’re just saving pieces for a later reveal. If it’s the latter, props to them for doing so: too many hotly anticipated movies ruin their momentum by giving away too much!

And remember: the movie doesn’t hit theatres until November, so there’s still plenty of time for leaked teaser clips, longer trailers, and other fun material to show up online; so keep your eyes open!

Martha Hokenson
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