Have you seen Don McKellar?

Comicon: Mecca of the geekly inclined. A haven for all things genre.

The newly branded Toronto Comicon took place this past weekend. The event attracted hundreds to come out and join other fans (and masked vigilantes)

As well as an array of comics, collectibles and many, many characters. Some of the film distributors were present to pump up the crowd for their new releases.  Alliance Films showed up  to promote their up-coming titles Cabin in the Woods and the highly anticipated The Hunger Games. They had some great swag including collecatable cars, stickers, magnet and the famous MockingJay pin to hand out and for the social media savvy fans their were chances to win advance screening tickets on Twitter.

Warner Brother was also at the event to represent their release of Wrath of the Titans. they had a more interactive booth and were handing out swag, including posters, t-shirts and collectable cups from the blockbuster as well as a chance for fans to win tickets to the Leafs games. It was no battle of the Olympic Gods, but still a big match!

It was exciting to see film distributors getting on board with the event, as there is definitely the audience there. hopefully it will attract even more of  a studio presence next year.

Genevieve Walker

Toronto cinephile and lady about town.