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Top 5 Reasons to see The Avengers

One of the two most anticipated movies of the 2012 blockbuster season, The Avengers opens this weekend and there is no excuse for not seeing it. Just in case you weren’t sure about the film, here are five reasons to go see it—and you only need one.

5. The Popular Culture Component: Not unlike the season premiere of Mad Men, the series finale of Lost, and even the book releases of the Harry Potter series, The Avengers is a much anticipated, highly publicized release that will command the media’s attention and earn its place in popular culture lore. It is a film that is worth talking about and will be talked about, whether it is good or bad, and these conversations will be held around the world, from water-cooler chats at offices, to serious discussions amid entertainment mavens, to drunken debates about which character is the coolest. Simply, you do not want to be left out.

4. The Spectacle: Forget the fact that that film is offered in IMAX, or that it is in gorgeous and subdued 3-D, The Avengers, more than any other film, is something to witness on the big screen amid many, many people. Dramas don’t really work as well in theatres, but action-thrillers certainly do. Massive special effects, sweeping sound, an epic narrative, and beautiful people make for a movie that needs to be experienced in a movie house. Add to that the energy of filling up a massive cinema, the excitement from so many fans, and maybe even a few people dressed up, and the Marvel  assemble becomes even grander.

3. The Batman factor: You can see it online, but the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be preceding The Avengers. If you can’t get completely excited Marvel, you should get excited for conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, a film that although is also technically in the ‘superhero’ genre, is far different in scope, story, and tone, than The Avengers. If the $15-20 for a ticket may seem too expensive, think about half of it going to watch an incredibly well-made and compelling trailer for a movie that promises to something truly remarkable.

2. The Stars: The amount of big-named celebrities, those that command a movie poster on their own, is incomparable to anything in recent memory save for the Ocean’s movies. It is rare to see all these stars in one film, and the collaborative effort needed for such a movie resulted early on in some problems, as Edward Norton allegedly was not willing to share the stage, and so Mark Ruffalo took his place as the Incredible Hulk. All the stars have a strange duality that enhances the film, a component that often damages others. It’s not that you just see Iron Man, it’s that you see Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but that’s good. Most if not all of the actors seem to embody perfectly their superhero counterparts. The fiction of the film parallels real life at times, and when Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor face off, for example, you can sort of see Chris Evans, RDJ, and Chris Hemsworth fight as well. Enjoy!

1. The Quality: The Avengers is actually really good. A soaring, completing engaging film with humour, action, and boundless entertainment, it is legitimately a quality film. The music stressed the epic nature of the event, the actors all share the spotlight well, getting their due time, and Joss Whedon succeeds at delivering a fantastic film amid high expectations and pressure. The two-and-a-half hour running time never drags, and there are a handful of scenes that should leave most people a bit breathless. It is the right amount of cheese and tongue-in-cheek, with typical Whedon humour and subversion. The characters are familiar and the actors make us care, and everything is shot beautifully, with seamless action and perfect pacing.

Go see The Avengers.

Anthony Marcusa

A pop-culture consumer, Anthony seeks out what is important in entertainment and mocks what is not. Inspired by history, Anthony writes with the hope that someone, somewhere, might be affected.