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Blu-ray Review: To The Wonder


The Movie:
To The Wonder is a complex movie to describe that centers around the love of two people who meet and fall fortune to love at first sight. Unfortunately however, this relationship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as both partners wonder off into different directions. Will love break or save their relationship?
Terrence Malick is one of those director’s that everyone absolutely loves or cannot stand with a ten foot pole. From his long hiatus between movies comes To The Wonder which received very mixed reviews from TIFF and left some critics wishing he took his usual ten year stance between films.

Bonus Features:
Featurette: The making of To The Wonder
“It’s like a roller coaster, you don’t know where it’s going to go” Javier Bardem, well that describes the general feel of To The Wonder. An interesting little note about this is that Olga’s audition was a silent audition. As well the fact that there wasn’t ever really a script, in essence Malick is admitting that he was slightly sloppy with his making of To The Wonder. All and all, the featurette talks a little about the actual creation of To The Wonder and a little about everyone’s thoughts on working on the movie and working with Malick. A slightly interesting look into the process of the creation for this roughly constructed movie.

Should You Buy It?
If you saw it at TIFF and enjoyed it, go for it if you are wanting to see it again. If you did not see it at TIFF, and are a fan of Malick go to your local Metro or Loblaws and go to the movie box, rent it for two dollars and if you love it buy a copy. It’s not one of those great movies. If you hate Malick the answer is simple, avoid it at all costs. If you’re interested in having it as a part of your cinematic collection because you enjoyed it, wait until it’s on sale or pick it up at Wal-Mart.