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TIFF 2016 Review: Weirdos

The film Weirdos is maybe slightly less weird than the title implies, though it’s still plenty weird in general.

Set in Nova Scotia in the mid-70’s and filmed in glorious black and white, Bruce MacDonald’s film is an ode to…umm…weirdness? It’s actually the story of a girl and a boy in love, Alice and Kit (played by Julia Sarah Stone and Dylan Authors). Being a road movie and a Canadian one to boot, it’s actually about far more than that, as it diverts in some pretty strange directions (an embodiment of Andy Warhol, Molly Parker dropping in seemingly from a different movie, Allen Hawco doing something, a big reveal about halfway through).

But this is perhaps missing the point of being able to embrace the weirdness that comes along with the experience of the film (and cameo and loner appearances by familiar actors flesh out that weirdness). Authors and Stone are great, and Stone especially delivers a hurtful performance that’s quite devastating, (she’s a star in the making). Too bad the movie’s not quite there.

[star v=3]