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TIFF 2016 Review: Mimosas

Oliver Laxe’s film Mimosas may be the surprise star of the festival, because on paper, the film sounds deadly boring and dreadful, but in reality ends up being a lot more interesting and actually quite fascinating. Just don’t ask this reviewer to explain what the film actually means or is really about, because it is clear that Mimosas is very much about what we want it to be, or is perhaps about little at all, but it thrills pretty much every step of the journey and then some.

Perhaps a comparison to Gus Van Sant’s Gerry is apt, as it involves wandering in the desert. In Gerry there is an ending that feels inevitable, while Mimosas is far less depressing, although the ending is still pretty far-fetched and awesome. The most apt part of the comparison is that someone is leading someone else around, and although there are inter titles that are in Arabic, and they might provide a clue as to the journey, they rarely elucidate, nor what Mimosas shares with the breakfast drinks.

[star v=4]