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TIFF 2016 Review: Julieta

The works of Alice Munro may not exactly be thought of as pairing well with filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, but yet the pairing works, (and the setting is moved to Spain making the pairing much easier). Julieta is a film which may seem minor on its first go round, (and combining three short stories into one narrative feels tricky). But Almodovar manages to transport Julieta into something greater than the sum of its (short story) parts.

Upon a deeper reflection, the tale of Julieta (played by Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte) is a bit of a puzzler, as there is an element of an unreliable narration. The story takes on a deeper, and more nuanced approach than first seemed. It really threatens to descend into melodrama at times, though a scene in which the young Julieta is working as a supply teacher sharing a lesson about Ulysses coming home provides perhaps a clue as to the deeper meaning of the story.

Though both Julietas are great, Ugarte is radiant, even in hideous eighties clothes and wig.

[star v=35]