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TIFF 2016 Review: The Skyjacker’s Tale

Jamie Kastner’s riveting documentary The Skyjacker’s Tale isn’t so much about The Fountain Valley Massacre–except that it is definitely about this tale of intrigue. It isn’t so much about Ishmeal Labeat hijacking a plane, (Labeat is the titular skyjacker) and flying a plane to Cuba where he gets refuge–except that it is definitely about this incident as well. Finally, it is not about U.S. – Cuba and their thawing relationship and what this means in terms of repercussions for those like Libeat–though it’s very much about this concept.

What The Skyjacker’s Tale is really about, at least through the eyes of your reviewer, is the idea of a crime in which one person escapes¬†justice while the remainder are imprisoned for their actions. There is a lot going on in the original act of violence which is unspoken, and the story of how Labeat hijacked the plane seems too unreal to be true. Lastly, the ins and outs of Kastner receiving access to Labeat seems like there is far more to this tale.

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