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TIFF 2014 Review: Teen Lust

Neil is the sacrificial, virgin lamb, for his satanic church’s ancient ritual in Teen Lust. For all of the films about teenage boys trying to lose their virginity, there has never been such urgency or danger attached to it as depicted in this film. For as ridiculous as the premise is, and how poorly executed it is, it does make for a slightly entertaining time; however one much more suited to a guilty pleasure Netflix viewing than at a film festival paying twenty bucks for a ticket.

Neil (Jesse Carere of Skins fame) stars as the virgin in question, an actor a bit too attractive to pass as the loser type of character that he plays. Daryl Sabara plays his best friend, a guy who is all talk about his own sexual experience and general charisma with girls. The two are likable enough protagonists, but every other person in the film is atrociously depicted and as two-dimensional as they come.

The film does have laugh out loud moments throughout, but that is the only thing that it has going for it-and other than a few clever lines that almost get lost in the mix-the humour is mostly over-the-top crass. The film has some heart to it, but its mostly too absurd and cartoonish with moments that are just shockingly bad, and its somewhat likable leading roles are not enough to save it. It does spark some originality for its spin on an otherwise overdone story, but it’s definitely not festival.

[star v=15]

Adriana Floridia

Adriana Floridia is a singer, writer, and film critic from Toronto. She loves watching movies, but even more than that, she loves discussing them with film lovers alike.