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TIFF 2014 Review: Spring

The directing duo behind 2012’s indie darling Resolution, Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson, return 2 years later with a dark romantic horror/comedy Spring.  Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) has just lost his mother while holding her hand on her death bed. Taking a friend’s advice he hops on a plane and travels to Italy to get away from it all. While traveling, Evan sees Louise (Nadia Hilker) in a plaza square and he is immediately entranced. But things are not what they seem, and a dangerous secret may keep them from staying together.

To get any farther into the story would ruin the many surprises that Spring has in store for you. Benson and Moorehead have taken a big step forward with this gorgeously shot little story that sucks you in from the very beginning. The script is smart and engaging and the performances are excellent. The chemistry between Pucci and Hilker is evident from the first frames they share together. The film is pure fantasy though, as evidenced by the fact that a gruesome incident in a tiny town causes no uproar, so audiences unwilling to let go of realistic expectations will have a hard time connecting with the film.

Other small notes, a couple of annoying fellow travelers outstay their welcome in the story for example, could be stated but in the end the issues with the film are still minor at best. The heart of the story remains captivating and entrancing throughout as the romance between our leads never rings a false note.

[star v=45]