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TIFF 2013 Review: The Love Punch


The Love Punch
Gala Presentation

There is but no other reason to see this movie than simply desiring to watch Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson romp about Paris and the French Riviera, cracking jokes and beaming smiles. It’s a romantic comedy by description, though neither especially romantic nor funny. It’s more a silly escapade that finds the two endlessly charming stars play dress up and act cool, bickering all the while.

They are a divorced couple who reluctantly team up when Richard (Brosnan) suddenly discovers his company has been swindled out of all their money and savings by some rich young buyer and seller – or something like that.

It matters not what exactly happened or if it makes sense, but the two head to Paris nonetheless to confront this careless tycoon. He throws them out, so they then decide to crash his wedding in order to steal an expensive diamond from his trophy wife as just compensation.

Crossing into absurdity occasionally, The Love Punch doesn’t hit at all hard; in fact, many jokes are based on the concept that these folks are a bit old. The very entertaining Timothy Spall joins the party, as does Celia Imrie as his wife, and the quartet capers about France, getting away with things that defy not only the laws of man but physics too it seems.

But who cares? Writer and director Joel Hopkins carries a consistent light-hearted tone, and while we know the ending, there is some fun to be had along the way. Stupid fun.

Friday September 13 – Visa Screening Room (Elgin) – 11:00 AM

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