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TIFF 2013 Review: Felony


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Granting the premise is very key in watching a fair amount of films out in there – so is a bit of suspension of disbelief. It doesn’t matter why or how an acclaimed and well-liked cop (Joel Edgerton) leaves the bar smashed after a night (and late morning) celebrating with his colleagues and gets into his car. He just does– and he is even given a codeword should he be stopped.

In no capacity to drive, the expected happens. Then the expected happens again, as Malcolm Tooey, scrambles post accident, and is soon forcibly urged by a veteran officer (Tom Wilkinson) to cover things up. His young, idealistic partner (Jai Courtney) meanwhile, watches from a distance, eager to be more thorough with this incident that has sent a teen to the hospital.

The three actors make up for the occasional moments this Australian thriller may be slow-of-pace or –weak-of-plot. Written by Edgerton, Tooey’s mental and emotional struggle takes centre stage while the other two officers start to develop an ever-widening rift. It all seems very familiar, but is well done enough to maintain interest.

While the ending is especially fascinating, it seems that at some point the film really wants to get things over with, and everything rushes by in a messy haze. There is a fairly easily predictable turn that takes place later on, but it’s not developed enough to be believable. At it’s best though, Felony is entertaining and tense, and Edgerton is a compelling presence.

[star v=3]

Anthony Marcusa

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