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Review: Think Like a Man Too

Oh great, another film about Kevin Hart running around screaming. Surely this is what runs through the minds of many filmgoers when Hart pops up in a movie every couple months. Let’s be honest, sometimes Hart’s shtick actually works, as it did in this year’s About Last Night. In Think Like a Man Too, his third film of the year, it is far too tired.

In 2012, director Tim Story released Think Like a Man, an engaging rom-com led by a superb cast. Now, two years later, Story brings the group back together, but doesn’t really give them much to work with.

After meeting two years earlier, Michael (Terrence Jenkins) and Candace (Regina Hall) are finally getting married, and in typical fashion, they have decided to hold the wedding in Las Vegas. The bride and groom will have their bachelor/bachelorette parties the evening before the wedding. With troublemakers Cedric (Hart) and Lauren (the criminally underused Taraji P. Henson) in charge of the respective parties, things are bound to go awry.

Each of the film’s couples are given their own tiny conflicts, which are resolved in an excruciatingly dragged out sequence at the end of the film. Zeke (Romany Malco) is trying to escape his “Zeke the Freak” past, Kristen (Gabrielle Union) is attempting to conceive with her husband Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), and Lauren is debating whether or not to take a job in New York which would separate her from her boyfriend Dominic (Michael Ealy). Along for the ride are Wendi McLendon-Covey and Gary Owen as the homely white couple, and Jenifer Lewis, as the groom’s domineering mother.

Though often quite grating, the film does have some very funny moments. Hart is occasionally funny, and the battle between Michael and his mother Loretta is very entertaining, but these aspects are not enough to carry a film billed as a comedy.

The film focuses far too much on Hart, mostly ignoring its strong ensemble that could’ve easily carried the film without him. For the most part, the film is extremely lazy, and seems to return to Hart’s Cedric every couple of minutes to prevent its audience from noticing the lack of story at play. Essentially, there seems to be no point to the film except to act as a one-and-a-half hour tourism commercial for Las Vegas.

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Matt Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is a Toronto-based cinephile who especially enjoys French films and actresses over the age of 50; including but not limited to: Isabelle Huppert, Meryl Streep, and Jacki Weaver.