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The Rebound: On DVD Today!

What more appropriate movie can Catherine Zeta-Jones feature in a romantic comedy involving a newly divorced woman falling for a much younger man. The Rebound experiments with the all too common idea that two people coming together after a bad relationship can find something good within each other. Of course, this can only happen in Hollywood where both parties are equally jaded and disbelieving of any future romantic possibilities.

Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a mother of two very obnoxious and undisciplined children, who decides to move to New York City after catching her husband and what appears to be their baby-sitter on her son’s birthday video. Aram (Justin Bartha) is a coffee shop barista that foolishly marries a hot French woman that leaves him for her ‘brother’ after receiving a green card. Guess his sociology degree didn’t help him figure that out soon enough.

Sandy gets a new apartment above the coffee shop, lands a job fact-checking and even scores a few dates within days of her move to the city. When this huge change finally gets to her, she hires Aram full-time as their nanny. Of course, he gets along with the kids fantastically. For a 25-year-old kid that gets drunk off half a beer and reads juvenile books like Harry Potter, he willingly throws his life away to be in full control of two younger lives. This doesn’t look good. I’d freak out if my nanny ever said, “If you’re good I’ll come back and do ‘The Grudge.’”

The most memorable quote in this movie came out of a fortune cookie saying, “It takes more than good memories to have good memories.” Like any typical romantic story goes, Sandy and Aram end up dating and falling in love, but Sandy can’t handle being basically twice his age. As much as Aram wants to call her an ‘ageist,’ he still needs to get over his twenty-something youth on his own rather than back-packing on Sandy’s already damaged life.

Oh yeah, since Sandy’s new to the city she witnesses a bunch of awkward situations like attending a women’s shelter and beating up a live punching band, watching a really bad live show of Top Gun and talking to a guy through a Port-O-Potty. But beyond all these random events and the growing love between two misfits that lost their way, there needs to be a break for one horrible experience to heal and for a new development to really solidify. Aram got it right on the money when he said, “This isn’t coasting. This is roller-coasting.” Everyone experiences a rebound in some way or another and this is a great example of all the silly things people do when they’ve got too much love and hate to throw around.

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