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TIFF 2015 Review: The Rainbow Kid

Eugene is 19 and has downs Syndrome. Despite a grim existence in Toronto with his ailing mother, he is happy and independent. He studies rainbows and saves for a video game console. This seems to be enough in Eugene’s world. However, when family tragedy strikes he finds himself with no choice but to run away or face being placed in a care home. As chance would have it a rainbow appears over his dingy stretch of Toronto sky.

The film follows Eugene on his quest to find the end of the rainbow. Along the way he encounters a variety of small town characters who each teach him in their own way the intricate ways in which life can inflict cruelty. The rainbow itself becomes a central character in the film as rainbow mythologies come to life as part of Eugene’s journey.

The quirky soundtrack does not pair well with the wide shots of stormy rural Ontario sky, crumbling country roads and the overall tone of the film. More often than not the plot is predictable and almost formulaic in a way that we have almost come to expect from Toronto indie films. Despite this, Dylan Harman delivers a truly memorable performance and it is this that makes The Rainbow Kid a must see.

[star v=3]