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PIF 13 Review: The Last Catch


Markus C. Schimdt’s, The Last Catch, follows the lives of European bluefin tuna fisherman. Both the behemoth fish and the fisherman are at risk due to a flawed value chain that keeps the fisherman in debt and forces them to fish during spawning season. The fisherman work like dogs and yet earn very little. One retired fisherman recalls how despite his years of hard work he is now living like a “homeless person.” The bluefin tuna nears extinction and one wonders for what if the fisherman can’t even make a living. The fisherman in this documentary are going as far as the Ivory coast just to meet their quotas.

It’s definitely a worthy topic and one that affects us all however The Last Catch is simply not engaging enough in terms of how it was shot and dialogue. However, if you want to get a better understanding of how we as consumers are ultimately responsible for over fishing then it is definitely worth watching.

[star v=3]