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TUFF (no not TIFF, that’s right) T-U-F-F:  The Toronto Urban Film Festival takes over TTC subway screens on September 10th and promises to ease Torontonian commuters’ long subway rides (and sometimes stalls) by bringing an eclectic showcase of international cinema to subway screens.

Here are ten reasons why you’ll love your commute to work a little more:

  1. YOUR DAILY RIDE RE-IMAGINED: For the past 10 years, TTC users have been immersed in arts and culture during their daily commutes. TUFF makes everyone’s wait for the subway more invigorating and inspiring.

  2. FREE FILMS: TUFF is free for public viewing and has NO red tape or red carpets – it’s truly making art accessible in public spaces.

  3. MORE #VIEWS: TUFF received 485 film submissions from 60 countries, including 216 from Canada. How’s that for #VIEWS?

  4. A FIRST IN NORTH AMERICA: The festival will make an urban cinematic experience accessible during Toronto travellers’ daily commutes. TUFF inspired similar commuter festivals in New York and Berlin following its inception in 2006.

  5. RAW TALENT: The festival brings award-winning, internationally acclaimed talent to viewers, such as Gemini-nominated Midi Onodera, who won TUFF’s Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

  6. SWEET ESCAPES: TUFF will feature silent, 60-second film videos and animation on subway platforms igniting commuters’ imagination and inserting art into their daily lives.

  7. WORLDLY ISSUES: Many of the films focus on bringing awareness to political issues like the refugee crisis and water conservation – acting as a catalyst for change and starting conversations.

  8. CELEBRATE CANADIAN FILM: Not only is TUFF a unique Toronto creation, out of the 72 official films being screened at the festival, 31 represent Canadian talent.

  9. ESCAPISM HEIGHTENED: TUFF guarantees to distract you from those dreadful commutes, immersing you into a creative cinematic experience – try not to miss your train!

  10. INCLUSIVITY: From Italy to China — filmmakers from across the world are featured in this underground oasis. TUFF offers international and diverse cinema in small doses for everyday commuters.

Check the screening schedule on for TUFF on the TTC page here: http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/tuff-toronto

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