TAD 2013 Review: The Battery


The Battery is an American horror movie that presents a tale of harrowing post-zombie outbreak survival. The film focuses on two unlikely friends and how they are forced to reconcile their differing personalities in order to survive. Gore and special effects are at a minimum in The Battery, and zombies appear infrequently. As a result, the movie is primarily about friendship.

The movie centers around two former baseball players named Ben and Mickey who aimlessly move from location to location in order to survive. Ben is a rugged character who is able to adapt to the harsh new world he has found himself in. A survivalist, Ben knows how to fish, shoot a gun, and club a zombie over the head with a baseball bat without blinking. Mickey is much the opposite.  Lacking the same survival instincts as Ben, Mickey spends most of the beginning of the movie refusing to learn how to either defend himself or provide for himself. Instead, Mickey escapes his reality by listening to CDs, and mourning the loss of all that once was.

Mickey and Ben are two vastly different people who were thrown together as a result of horrific circumstances, yet despite their differences, a bond grows between the two characters. Jeremy Gardner and Adam Cronheim are the actors who play Ben and Mickey. The acting is well-done, as Gardner and Cronheim portray a believable friendship between two likeable characters. It is the character development in The Battery that sets the movie apart from many others in the genre, since over the course of the film the audience gets to know and care for the two men.

The zombies in The Battery are neither fast nor agile. Instead, the slow and sluggish creatures are most threatening by their persistence and tendency to gather into large groups. However, Mickey and Ben do not only have to survive zombies. When the two friends encounter other survivors, they are soon hit with the realization that the living can be just as monstrous as the dead.

One of the fantastic aspects of The Battery is the soundtrack. Featuring many indie artists, the music in the film is at times haunting and at others uplifting. Mickey is constantly listening to a CD Walkman, which suggests the importance of music as a reminder of the humanity and beauty that once existed in a world that has been replaced with horror and uncertainty.

Jeremy Gardner is not only one of the actors in the movie but is also the writer and director of The Battery. Gardner’s film effectively highlights how the two characters come to terms with tragic situations and the ways in which they are forced to come face-to-face with darkness in its many forms.

Emily Andersen
Emily is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University with a degree in English language and literature. Getting to combine her two passions of watching movies and writing is basically the coolest.

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