TAD 2015 Review: Night of the Living Deb

A very funny zombie apocalypse romantic comedy.

Night of the Living Deb, as you might be able to guess from the title, is a female-centered post-apocalyptic movie. That alone is good enough reason to watch this. Teenage zombie comedies are frequently male led and, in a way, they are all the same. For instance, there’s always the attractive love interest, only there to develop the main character or to look good. This movie has a fun play on gender roles by changing that, by making Deb the one go-getter, the one flirting, the one killing zombies “for fun.”

The film starts as a one night stand between Deb and Chaz, a guy she met at a bar after seeing him fight with his fiancee. Deb and Chaz drink a lot and forget everything. The morning after, she’s on his bed and, ta-da, everyone else is a zombie.

The comedy of Night of the Living Deb resembles Saturday Night Live humour. In fact, Maria Thayer’s (Deb) awkwardness are similar to Ellie Kemper’s. Chris Marquette (Chaz) is a perfect mix of Anders Holm and Adam Scott. They are the core of this unusual rom-com but all writing of Living Deb is funny and sharp. There are also some great moments with Chaz’s dad, played by Twin Peaks’ Ray Wise.

Night of the Living Deb isn’t too violent and it doesn’t take the zombie apocalypse too seriously. If you want a fun comedy, look no further.

R. Duval is a Toronto-based, Twitter-obsessed journalist. He could spend his entire life discussing TV or film. He also doesn't trust people that don't get emotionally involved with fictional characters.

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