TAD 2013 Review: Eega


Eega’s opening credits begin with a voice-over of a child asking his father to tell him a bedtime story. The start of the movie signals the beginning of the tale, which is about a young man named Nani who is in love with his beautiful neighbour Bindu. The villain of the story is Sudeep, a wealthy business man who claims that he can have any woman he wants. However, his belief is proven wrong when he meets Bindu, whose love for Nani prevents her from falling for Sudeep’s seeming charm. In order to remove Nani as an obstacle, Sudeep violently murders him. However, this is not the end for Nani. After his death Nani’s soul is reincarnated and he soon finds himself awakening into a new life as a fly. Memories from Nani’s past life soon come flooding back, and he vows to use whatever power he has to protect Bindu and seek revenge.

Eega, an Indian film, is a strange and dark fantasy. With its bright colours, cartoonish special effects, and melodramatic acting, Eega is more of a twisted modern day fairy-tale than a horror movie. There are many humorous moments throughout the film, especially in regards to the innovative ways that Nani the fly comes up with to torture Sudeep. As a result of Nani’s persistence, the audience watches Sudeep transform from a powerful businessman, into a helpless victim of a fly. There is also a funny and heartfelt moment when Bindu realizes that the fly that has been hanging around is actually her old love. When she makes this connection, she reconciles with Nani and begins helping him in his quest for revenge.

Like many Indian films, Eega contains a variety of catchy songs and visually entertaining dance numbers. Even though Eega has many charming moments, it is not a movie for everyone. The film itself is quite long (just over two hours in length). Although Eega is a memorably entertaining film, it is not something to watch if you are in the mood for anything serious or realistic.

Emily Andersen
Emily is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University with a degree in English language and literature. Getting to combine her two passions of watching movies and writing is basically the coolest.

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