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TADF 2018 Review: I’ll Take Your Dead

I’ll Take Your Dead needs to focus more on the living.

A farm owner is coerced into taking care of dead bodies for money. One of the bodies he is delivered is unintentionally alive. He decides to keep her alive, but hold her hostage until he knows what to do with her. Intriguing, right? Oh, and his daughter sees dead people.

As much as we all love a kid that can see dead people (who knows what that means), the paranormal aspect of I’ll Take Your Dead is unnecessary and is forgotten about in parts. It finally comes into play at the end -spoiler alert-when it follows a logic that wasn’t set up and is only used to kill off the bad guy. Having said that, it helps bring out the films eeriness and (more importantly) the dead people look cool.

The story starts slowly and picks up, but is held back by the need for a grittier, more emotionally ranged performance by the cast. The acting is not bad, but there are missed opportunities to take it just that bit further.

The standout character was the daughter Gloria, played by Ava Preston, who has an unsettling quality about her. Whether or not that works is debatable – as is her age. It is unclear where between 8 and 18 her character is meant to be until she says her age (no spoilers though!).

Overall, I’ll Take Your Dead is a good horror film to watch with friends if you’re looking for horror that you can enjoy and still talk through…and occasionally question. But what is a horror movie without a few flaws in logic?

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is a British writer who got lost in Toronto and decided to stay there. He likes indie films and bragging about liking indie films.