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Student Bodies: 20 Years Later

As the majority of the principle cast gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre during 2017’s FanExpo, they could barely conceal their shock and amazement as they were met with hundreds of fans’ hollering cheers and applause. Jamie Elman, who played fan favourite Cody on the hit YTV show admitted that he only thought 10 people would turn up to the panel, and that he couldn’t be more flattered and grateful. Indeed, the lineup outside the hall was hundreds deep with a wait time of two hours.

Beginning in 1997, the 90s-era teen series was lauded for not being afraid to venture into areas of a more adult nature. For instance, the show had a lesbian relationship, one character wanted to get breast implants even, and writers weren’t afraid to show their leads drinking, because in reality that’s what happens in high school. The gathered cast mates included Nicole Lyn (Emily), Ross Hull (Chris), Kate McIninch (Mags), Miklos Perlus (Victor), Jessica Goldapple (Flash), Mark Taylor (Romeo), Jamie Elman (Cody) and Victoria Sanchez (Grace).

They went on to suggest they would all love to reunite and open the doors to Thomas A. Edison High School once more. With the right material and the right subject matter to showcase, teens turned millennial fans would certainly welcome this reunion with open arms. Elman encouraged fans to spread the word via social media to garner interest in the potential project, and to use the hashtag, #studentbodies20.

Photography Credit: Marc Levy

Simone Meier

Simone Meier is a freelance writer from Toronto. She ardently wishes she lived in a period drama, and often thinks fondly of the day she met her film husband Michael Fassbender.