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Six Panels Not To Miss At FanExpo

It is that time of year again, and I am not talking about the Toronto International Film Festival time either. It’s time for FanExpo, the Comic-Con of Toronto! As well it is not just ANY other year for FanExpo it is the 20th anniversary, and they have certainly pulled out some incredible stops. Some of the highly anticipated panels however, do cost a fee such as the incredible Doctor Who lineup, which depending on what level is purchased comes with some pretty amazing bonuses. As well as the legendary William Shatner and Patrick Stewart teaming up to talk about Star Trek, this panel thankfully is more affordable than the Doctor Who panel. However, do not fear as there are plenty of fantastic panels that cannot be missed, panels for all level of nerdom.

One of my biggest regrets from previous FanExpo’s is never being able to attend a sketch duel! But this year there is some excellent news! If you’re not interested in attending the Ray Park panel (Darth Maul) or if you’re not a fan of Power Rangers and Jason David Frank, then there are two great sketch duels happening on Thursday. I recommend these over both panels, simply because to get into either panel you’re going to have to line up the second you get in, or at the same time as panel starts. The first sketch duel is between Mike McKone and Mike Del Mundo and the second one is between Ken Lashley and Ethan Van Sciver. Sketch duels are also great cause a lucky fan gets to win the art, and usually commissions run from fifty dollars to Steve Epting’s four hundred. P.S Steve Epting is signing everything as well at the same time. The duels are at 5:45 in room 716 and 7:45 in room 716.


For all of the Whovians who are drastically disappointed about not being able to go to the not included, super expensive, Doctor Who panel fear not! On Friday at 11 am Matt Smith will be doing a Q&A in room 105! These types of panels are always typically a ton of fun, because it is roughly 50/50 between moderated questions and all out nerdom/geekdom of fan questions. It is a fantastic opportunity to ask (hopefully) your favourite doctor, some of your pressing questions. The panel is Friday at 11am in room 105.


Being a giant Batnerd, I was really disappointed when the first few announcements for FanExpo weren’t Batman related. I was living in a dream world when I was hoping for the legendary Kevin Conroy with a screening of one of his personal favourites. However, FanExpo knows that it is not a 20th anniversary tied to a 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader without a panel for the ages. Holy costumed party FanExers, the original Dynamic Duo Adam West and Burt Ward will be at FanExpo this year. In addition to them, the 1966 Batmobile will also be in attendance. This is a panel that cannot be missed, and will surely make any Batman fanatics jump in joy! Maybe well even get a few surprises. The panel is Friday at 2:30 in room 105.

Adam West Is BatmanburtWARD400x400

Hey horror fans, we haven’t forgotten about you! There will be a devilishly, nightmare inducing panel for all of you, that of course is the Nightmare On Elm Street Live Cast reunion! With it being one of the largest horror franchises ever to be made, this panel will surely feature some legendary talent such as Robert Englund, the original Freddy Kruger. This panel will most definitely rip you to shreds. The panel is Friday at 430 in room 105.

robert englund

There was this little show 25 years ago created by Mark Frost and David Lynch called Twin Peaks. Usually they do not do conventions other than their own Twin Peaks convention, but they are coming to FanExpo and if you are a fan of the show I do not have to tell you this panel is an absolute must! This is one of the most talked about panels as well, and it was the reason why the VIP badges sold out instantly after that panel was announced. It is a panel for the ages, and one that certainly will be talked about for ages. The panel is Saturday at 12, noon, in room 206.


The legendary Richard Dreyfuss is coming to FanExpo and he has his own panel! This is surely not a panel to miss out on, because it is a rare occurrence to have Richard Dreyfuss at a convention. Sure, Stephen Amell and Ian Somerhalder will not be able to be attended, if you choose this panel. However, Stephen Amell has come in the past and I would be shocked if Somerhalder never returns. They are both great actors in their respects, but they do not compare to the legendary Richard Dreyfuss. This panel will be one of epic proportions. The panel is Sunday at 1 pm in room 102.



FanExpo runs Thursday August 28th 2014 to Sunday August 31st 2014.