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Six Cool Things From Transformers

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens up in cinemas June 27th and we take a look back at the first three transformers movies and break down some of the coolest moments. Well really the first two movies since the third movie, yeah let’s just not go there. Here is a look at some cool moments from Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

6. Dessert meeting
When we first meet the Decepticons in the first film we have an adrenaline filled scene in a dessert where what is assumed to be Starscream destroys an army base in a wreckage of fire and chaos to kill all but one team of soldiers. The scene progresses twenty minutes later in the film when there is more footage with the Decepticon and we see what we are truly in for with this franchise.

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5. First Encounter with Autobots
The first meeting with all of the Autobots is a pretty cool scene as it introduces unfamiliar eyes to the lead good guys and who is truly running the franchise. There is not Michael Bay explosions or anything, but the first glimpse of all the Autobots in their glory is truly something that sends a tingle down any fans spine.

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4. Allspark
The scene where Bumblebee transforms the gigantic Allspark into a miniature cube has an extremely awesome effect to it for the brief period of time. It creates this 3D effect without it being in actual 3D that brings another dimension of entertainment and value to a franchise that is built entirely on special effects and cool gadgets.


3. Creating Decepticons
In Revenge of the Fallen we find out there is still part of the cube left that was not destroyed and left in hiding in a military base. The Decepticons find out about it and go searching for the remained of the cube, except this time the humans were much more careful. What better way to infiltrate the base than by inserting mini-molecular decepticons inside the base that transform into one larger decepticon. It creates a fun effect and gives the audience a new form of entertainment from the previous installment.


2. The fight sequences
Any single fight with any Transformer is usually mind-blowingly fantastic. The effects used create such a fun, creative experience that it lets the viewer move past the rugged story and just sit back and enjoy a super fun action packed, explosion pending movie. In the end isn’t that everything a transformer movie supposed to be? There is a reason why Michael Bay is at the helm of these projects, and it is simply because he is good at creating unnecessary, fun, action packed movies that do not have to rely on development or story to become successful.


1. Dinobots?
I have not seen Age of Extinction yet, but from what I can tell from trailers there are Dinobots, and Optimus teams up with the Dinobots. But more importantly Dinobots. If there is a lot of footage with the Dinobots, I have no problem speculating that Age of Extinction will be the most entertaining and fun Transformers movie to date. Hopefully it lives up those expectations.


Transformers: Age of Extinction opens June 27th 2014, and should be one long, action packed, fun time.