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Robbie Amell at the Toronto Premiere of The DUFF

Having found success at a young age across the television landscape, most notably and recently appearing as Firestorm on The Flash, Torontonian Robbie Amell has finally earned a leading role on the big screen. He plays Wesley in the new young adult comedy The DUFF, a tale of labels and popularity and identity in high school. His character is a jock, at least on the surface, but as we soon come to learn about him and his neighbour and friend Bianca, appearances aren’t all as they seem. He unwittingly brings down Bianca’s entire world by informing her she is the one in her friend circle that makes all the others look better, and so sets on a quest to rectify the situation by helping Bianca gain confidence.

Of course he learns something as well along the way, and is in store for a few surprises in comedic and romantic fashion.

Amell, alongside his fiance Italia Ricci, a GTA native and actress herself, strolled the red, nae, pink carpet in Toronto in celebration of The Duff, chatting about first impressions, high school awkwardness, and of course, hockey.

Photography Credit: Marc Levy

Anthony Marcusa

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