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Brazil Film Fest 2013 Review: Rio 2096


Rio 2096, Is an animated feature film set in a dystopian Brazil. The main character Abejuar has been alive for 600 years and the story darts back and froth between an idyllic past on the cusp of violent change and the future dystopian nightmare. At the core of the story is his love for a woman named Janaina who is disconcertingly a dead ringer for Disney’s Pocahontas. Nonetheless this is a beautifully animated film.

Chosen by the God Munha, Abejuar is gifted with the ability to fly and also cursed with immortality. We learn that Munha has chosen him for a special mission. His tribe, the Tupinamba struggle against the coming of the Anhanga (as the Europeans are referred to). Abejaur travels as a bird spirit until he finds the reincarnation of his love Janaina in each lifetime. Each time he is reborn so that he can join her. Through each lifetime their appearances differ slightly but their warrior spirits never wane as they fight for justice and equality.

Rio 2096 provides a fascinating history lesson and engaging love story in a beautifully animated package.

[star v=4]