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Review: Out of Print

Julia Marchese, an employee at the New Beverly Cinema, constructed a loving tribute to the cinema itself, and then a loving tribute to cinema itself, (specifically 35mm film).

This tribute is called Out of Print, and after considerable delay, it receives, thankfully, a theatrical run, with some of the footage actually shot in 35mm. The film is meant to be appreciated in the theatre, so by all means, if checking out the film, make sure to watch it in a theatre.

The documentary itself is shot in a style that is suggestive of the style of film that might pay at the New Beverly Cinema, campy and slightly irreverent, and featuring the talking heads that would be expected for a project such as this one, (Kevin Smith, Edgar Wright, Patton Oswalt, Rian Johnson, Seth Green, Joe Dante, and many others). The film exudes an obvious appreciation for moviehouses and the type of second run theatre that is exemplified by the New Beverly Theatre, (shockingly, there is nary a single mention of movie theatres outside of this one). There is thus a sense of place in Marchese’s telling, as she outlines the history of the theatre, including it’s life as a former porn cinema. There is documentation of almost every single amenity inside, and though it runs out of things to say, the discussion of 35mm is extremely informative and relevant, as DCP has taken over as the dominant model of the cinema.

Of course, Out of Print is out of date, as there is a sad coda to the story. But ironically, the moment in time is preserved, on film.

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