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Review: Jean of the Joneses

Jean of the Joneses has been described as being similar to Girls which is unfair in its comparison. However, this isn’t a knock for Girls (and certainly not for Stella Meghie’s film), and the comparison does not fit for reasons outside of “they’re both very slice of life”.

For one thing, the setting of Jean of the Joneses is Brooklyn, though it’s incredible that Brooklyn looks so much like Canada. Okay, obviously budgetary concerns aside, the look and sound of this feature are very much unlike Hannah Horvath and her friends. Jean of the Joneses features a peppy, jazz piano soundtrack by Robi Botos, which helps carry the action of the titular Jean Jones (a brilliant Taylour Paige), a writer compared to Zadie Smith who is hard at work at her next work, (or should be), and must deal with the complications of new love, and especially of her multi-generational family, which includes Michelle Hurst and an underutilized Sherri Shepherd.

Just make sure to look beyond the formal title and do check out the film!

[star v=35]