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Review: Reincarnated

Reincarnated Review

World famous rapper Snoop Dogg sets up on a journey of reflection and renewal to Jamaica, where he looks to embrace and adopt reggae roots and Rastafarian spirituality. And of course, he performs and raps throughout.

Who’s in It?
Snoop Dogg, and occasionally Snoop Lion. Dr Dre shows up, as do Daz Dillinger and Damian Marley.

A fan’s experience, Reincarnated is as much a behind-the-scenes look at the professional life of Snoop Dogg as it is a promotional tool for his latest transformation. It’s genuine for the most part and fascinating too, but lacks anything visceral or evocative.

Not to say that Snoop isn’t keeping it real. His moments of spontaneity – visiting a children’s music class, impromptu rapping—are welcome and impressive, but again, somewhat staged. It’s what happens when a man who knows how to act in front of the camera has one following him, and has a part in making the film. While he reminiscences about the past, it is his version of the past as he sees it now, which is still noteworthy, though not necessarily an illuminating chronicle.

The reggae, though, is tons of fun, and Snoop is still immensely talented. He is a marked turn for the rapper, and he throws out all the bad that has come with rap and embraces the Rasta lifestyle, venturing to some scenic escapes and bringing in the love. The trailer describes the film as ‘the controversial journey of a modern icon,’ when it is in fact the exact opposite. Snopp will remain divisive to some, but it is the trek that is a modern, spurred by curiosity of a man seeking personal change and growth.

Should I See It?
If you’re a fan, yes

Memorable Quote:
“Don’t think about hustling and making money and drug dealing and shooting – all that be outta here.” Snoop talking to himself in the studio, offering the beginning of his transformation.

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