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Recap: San Diego Comic Con 2019

San Diego Comic Con, the biggest pop-culture event of the year, has yet again came and conquered Southern California for its 50th run.  While the convention is getting up there in age, it only continues to grow every year (if you can believe that), bringing hundreds of thousands of people together to celebrate nerdom.

Veronica Mars and Top Gun revivals were introduced to great enthusiasm, while Arrow, Supernatural and Game Of Thrones said a bittersweet final goodbye to their fans. Warner Bros. pulled out of this year’s Saturday Hall H slate, but Marvel Studios did not disappoint, announcing 10 TV shows and films to complete Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Star Wars introduced Sith Troopers to the fan through exclusive merchandise at the con, getting everyone excited for The Rise of Skywalker coming out in December.  While Funko and Lego continued to be as popular as ever (and almost impossible to acquire), I still can’t get over those free Detective Pikachu ears from their offsite activation.

No matter what comes and goes, SDCC never disappoints.  On the surface of everything, the convention is really about gaining genuine connections with others and I’m already counting down the days until next year to be with my ‘people’, again.