‘The Possession’ tops meager box office with $9.5 million on second weekend

Well, that was underwhelming! One of the worst box office weekends in recent years saw two new releases struggling to crack the public consciousness and a handful of lukewarm holdovers gasping for life.

The start of a new school year, the start of football season, and general sluggishness left over from a holiday weekend all could be blamed as contributing factors for the low numbers. But the fact is, audiences are becoming increasingly picky about which films deserve their hard-earned cash, and studios just don’t typically offer much high-quality fare in the August-September bracket. It also doesn’t help when studios go lite on the marketing efforts, hurting what might otherwise be decent films.

Last week’s number one film, ‘The Possession’, held onto its top ranking despite pulling in only $9.5 million over the weekend, posting a 46% drop. That’s actually not bad, considering most horror movies drop somewhere between 50-60% going into their second weekend.

Across the rest of the chart, though, the numbers were nothing but terrible. ‘Lawless’ remained in second place, pulling in $6 million with a 40% drop.

The Bradley Cooper thriller ‘The Words’ limped into a third place debut with just $5, though that was still loads better than the other wide release of the week: ‘The Cold Light of Day’, starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis, couldn’t even crack the top ten, landing at number thirteen with $1.8 million. For both of these movies, little effort was made to market them effectively, and a big-name star can only pull in so many fans without a solid marketing effort and clear storyline to back them up.

‘The Expendables 2’ dropped one spot to fourth place, pulling in $4.75 million. Rounding out the top five, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ pulled in $4 million. Neither of these sequels is performing nearly as well as expected, which doesn’t bode well for the future of either franchise.

Martha Hokenson
If I'm not watching a good movie, it's probably because I'm writing about one. I keep adding new titles to my 'must see' movie list and I hope to watch them all before DVDs become obsolete.

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  • Manuel DaSilva

    I watched this movie and enjoyed it, wasn’t the best of films, but it was well acted especially the girl herself who because possessed and the actor who played her father, excellent actor.