‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to a $160.8 million opening weekend

The final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy opened high on the charts this weekend, debuting at number three on the all-time opening chart. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ pulled in $160.8 million over the weekend, which fell far short of estimates but nonetheless managed to best the openings for both ‘The Dark Knight’ ($158.4 million) and ‘Batman Begins’ ($48.7 million, which seems paltry by comparison).

In light of the numbers for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, the rest of the weekend box office looks pretty shabby. All other factors aside, however, it’s fair to admit that ‘TDKR’ is taking over screens and pushing out other films–‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, for example, dropped 565 theatres over the weekend—so the lack of openings, coupled with the immense popularity of the newest Batman film, could help to account for the lower numbers.

Last week’s number one film, ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ was hit with a staggering 56.2% drop—worse than any other second-week drop for the franchise—and landed in second place with a $20.4 million weekend. The movie has so far managed to gross only $88.8 million domestically through ten days, but it’s also pulled in $440.4 million overseas, so that number probably won’t bother the folks at Fox.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ swung into third place with a $10.8 million weekend, suffering a whopping 68.6% drop. The film has almost managed to recap its $230 million budget—so far it has grossed $228.6 million domestically—but it seems audiences just don’t favor this Spidey as much as the one portrayed by Tobey Maguire.

‘Ted’ had another fairly solid weekend, landing in fourth place with $10 million; and rounding out the top five, ‘Brave’ pulled in $6 million.

Martha Hokenson
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