‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ swings high with $65 million weekend

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ had a high-flying holiday week debut, pulling in $65 million over the weekend and a total of $140 million over its six-day run thus far. That’s pretty good, but it’s slightly behind the six-day haul for the original ‘Spider-Man’ ($144.2 million), and way behind the totals from ‘Spider-Man 2’ ($180.1 million) or ‘Spider-Man 3’ ($176.2 million).

Overall, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ seems to have been modestly successful, and it could continue to pull in strong numbers for the next couple of weeks before ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ swoops in to crush the box office.

Last week’s number one film, ‘Ted’ dropped to second place with $32.6 million. Over two weeks, that film has more than doubled its $50 million budget, pulling in a total gross of $120.2 million.

Pixar’s ‘Brave’ remained in third place, pulling in $20.2 million. Over three weeks the movie has grossed $174.5 million, putting it close to recouping its $185 million budget. It seems a given that it will become Pixar’s tenth film to gross $200 million or more.

‘Savages’ debuted in fourth place with a mere $16.2 million. It’s the best R-rated debut of director Oliver Stone’s career and his third-highest overall, and the low gross isn’t that bad considering the movie’s graphic violence and subject matter.

Finally, ‘Magic Mike’ dropped from second to fifth place, pulling in a respectable $15.6 million on its second weekend. Although the movie did post a 60% drop going into its second weekend, it was marketed as an “event” movie, so that’s not really surprising; and since it has so far grossed a whopping $72.8 million to its $7 million budget, it’s doubtful anyone will bemoan this move down the charts.

The week’s only other major new release, ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’, debuted in eight place with a $7.2 million weekend and a four-day gross of $10.3 million against its modest $12 million budget. That’s lower than might have been expected, but with Perry’s smashing success in the music world, it’s unlikely a so-so concert doc will hurt her career. (The movie has been receiving positive reviews, which might help it hang on a bit over coming weeks.)

Martha Hokenson
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